About Us
About Us

We work hard to provide an experience that is more than a river trip or a day spent climbing. We strive to ensure that time spent with us is time that you will always look back on fondly. We want to leave you with a memories that bring a smile to your face no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, no matter how much time has passed.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our trips and our ability to work with our guests. Since the spring of 2003 Red River Adventures has been offering the finest outdoor adventures available, period. In an industry that is often about tight schedules and ordering your adventure by the number, Red River Adventures is more than happy to customize any of our trips where ever feasible.

We are willing to work with the guest to provide exactly what they envision.
We’ve had the opportunity to host weddings, receptions, family reunions and corporate team building events. We have helped major universities with trips focused on geology, photography and creative writing. We’ve hosted journalists and even helped with a funeral. We did these trips not because we offered them, we did these trips because we love to and you asked.

We are an owner operated business staffed with people who make their living in the outdoors. No matter the season you’ll find the owners, guides and staff outside. Rafting is only one of the things that we love. We climb mountains, rock and ice. We mountain bike, backpack, surf, whitewater and sea kayak, cross country, resort and back country ski. We count owls and desert tortoise, dabble in photography, write guide books, teach skiing and raise children. In short, we love the outdoors.

We have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. Because our love and experience of wild places and our constant desire to be outside, we have gained a knowledge base that can’t be won through school or training alone. From the top of Denali to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon, we’ve been there and become better for it.

We have extensive knowledge of and certification in whitewater rescue, climbing safety and technique, wilderness first aid and CPR. In addition to a deep reservoir of personal experience, each of our guides is licensed by the state of Utah, swift water certified and insured. Our climbing guides are AMGA certified for the terrain they operate in. Our guides are intimately acquainted with not only the river and rock, but also the incredible surroundings of the Moab area and the entire Colorado Plateau.

Our goal is to make your vacation special. Through sharing our love of the outdoors, rock and rivers and the incredible country through which they run we hope to make Moab, rafting and Red River Adventures places that you will want to return to again and again.

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