201 - Intro to Trad
201 – Intro to Trad

Rock 201 – Advanced Rockcraft

The next step in learning how to climb. This is for those that have been sport climbing and have a understanding of belaying, climbing movement, anchoring, lowering and repelling. This is the course for those who want to move beyond sport climbing or “following” friends and begin trad and multi-pitch climbing on their own. Participants will practice placing gear, mock lead and move to leading pitches while an Instructor monitors the placements.

Topics covered

Review: We will review and expanded upon your knowledge of the following.

  • Knots
  • Communication
  • Belaying
  • Movement

Anchoring: We will discuss traditional gear placements for both protection and anchoring.

  • What makes a good anchor
  • Traditional gear‚ Cams, nuts, hexes and tri-cams
  • Fixed Hardware, trees and natural features
  • Extensions‚ how and why

Traditional climbing

  • Racking
  • Placements
  • Anchors
  • Cleaning


  • What is needed, what is not
  • Selection, proper use, storage and life expectancy


  • Use of guidebooks, topos, climbing grades
  • LNT
  • Climbing myths
  • Hazard assessment

Completing this course will give you all the skills to go on to our multi-pitch efficiency courses.

Full Day

  • 1 Person $300 | 2 People $225 each | 3 or More $175 each

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