Single and Multi-day River Adventures in Moab, Utah

Red River Adventures offers both single and multi-day rafting trips through some of Utah’s most beautiful landscapes!

Rafting Day Trips

Red River Adventures is proud of our Moab rafting day trips. Moab’s best guides, smaller and more fun paddle rafts, and limited group size make for an incredible day filled with fun and excitement. It’s an experience that your family and friends will thank you for and that no other Moab outfitter can match.

Day Trips

Multi-Day Trips

What could be better than spending a day whitewater rafting? We have the answer: spending two or more days immersed in the awesome beauty of the magical places accessed on our multi-day raft trips! These all-inclusive trips give you time to turn off the cell phone, unplug, relax and reconnect.

Multi-Day Trips

Why Raft with Red River Adventures?

Because you will have FUN! Our Moab river adventures are about having a great time, safely. Our guides are masters of walking this fine line and showing you and yours an adventure of a lifetime. Sure, each guide is well-trained and licensed. This is the easy part. It’s the qualities that you can’t teach or learn–qualities that you must have already, or gain through years of experience–that make the difference. These are the things that set our staff apart. Each guide is incredibly personable and draws on a huge pool of knowledge gained by working outside as an outdoor professional to ensure that, rain or shine, low water or high water, your rafting trip will be incredibly fun!