Guided Ice Climbing

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Wasatch Mountains; Big and Little Cottonwood and Provo Canyon

Utah is home to a wide variety of Ice climbing opportunities. The Cottonwood Canyons and Provo Canyon have some of the coolest Ice Climbing routes in the West and RRA can guide you there. Routes range from very easy to as hard as it gets all easily reachable from Salt Lake City. Don’t miss the opportunity to get out and try this sport. Level of difficulty and style of climbs are tailored to your ability level!

1/2 Day Guided Ice Climbing

Young girl ice climbing - Guided ice climbing in Utah

  • Difficulty – Easy to Hard | WI2-WI5
  • Days – 1/2
  • Minimum age – 8
  • Venues – Little Cottonwood, Provo & Maple Canyon
  • Meets – 7:30 AM (PM trips available by request)
  • Dates – December to March
  • 1 Person $225 | 2 People $175 each | 3 People $145

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When it comes to Ice Climbing the Wasatch has something for everyone. This 1/2 day sampler of single pitch ice climbing is perfect for those that are new to the sport, gym climbers who want to climb outside or for folks who have been away from Ice Climbing for awhile.

Red River Adventures provides guides and all technical equipment necessary to participate including ice tools and crampons. Boots are the responsibility of the participant. RRA guides multiple locations, each has a variety of routes that run the spectrum of difficulty. This gives us the ability to customize the climbing to your groups ability and experience level.

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1 Day Guided Ice Climbing

Ice climbing with ropes - Guided ice climbing Utah

  • Difficulty – Easy to Hard | WI2-WI5
  • Days – 1
  • Minimum age – 8
  • Venues – Little Cottonwood, Provo & Maple Canyon
  • Meets – 7:30 AM
  • Dates – December to March
  • 1 Person $350 | 2 People $275 each | 3 People $225 each

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If 1/2 a day just doesn’t seem to be enough we offer a full day of climbing. The Full day of top rope Ice Climbing allows time to do different climbs, work on technique, practice basic climbing and belaying skills.

Red River Adventures provides guides and all including ice tools and crampons. Boots are the responsibility of the participant. RRA guides multiple locations, each has a variety of routes that run the spectrum of difficultly. This gives us the ability to customize the climbing to your groups ability and experience level. Let our guides introduce you to this amazing sport.

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Multi-Pitch Guided Ice Climbing

Multi-Pitch Guided Ice Climbing

  • Difficulty – Easy to Hard | WI2-WI5
  • Days – 1
  • Minimum age – 12
  • Venues – Little Cottonwood, Provo & Maple Canyon
  • Meets – 7:30
  • Dates – December to March
  • 1 Person $350 | 2 People $275

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Thought about multi-pitch Ice Climbing but not sure if it is for you? Have a route in mind but not sure if you can pull it off? Do you simply want to get off the ground more than one rope length? RRA can help.

Our experienced, professional guides are familiar with the latest industry standards and techniques. RRA offers guided Multi-pitch climbing on routes from 200′ to 600′. You do the climbing and take in the views while leaving the leading and rappel set up to us.

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Ice Climbing FAQ

If you are looking to go on a great adventure, then you might be thinking about going ice climbing. Some of the most common questions that we get asked include:

Do I Need Rock Climbing Experience?

You do not need to have any rock climbing experience in order to climb ice. We offer guided outings for people who have never climbed, climbed in the gym, on the rock, or with a wealth of experience.

Can Different Ability Levels Ice Climb With One Guide?

It is certainly possible for different ability levels to climb with a single guide. Our guides have a tremendous amount of experience working with people of all ability levels. They will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their adventure, regardless of their experience level.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Try Ice Climbing?

Our adventures have a variety of age requirements. For half-day or one-day guided ice climbing adventures, the difficulty will vary; however, the minimum age is 8. If you would like to participate in a multi-pitch guided ice climbing adventure, the minimum age is 12.

What Is a Typical Day Ice Climbing?

We will usually meet at 8 AM. Before ice climbing starts, we cover what you need to know to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Then, there is usually a combination of instruction, climbing, and breaks that keep the class active and engaged. The goal is to have you improve your climbing and have some fun.

What Are Ice Tools?

Ice climbing tools are what we use to move up the ice. Modern ice tools are designed to be easy to use, protect your knuckles and make ice climbing doable for almost anyone. Red River will provide these if needed.

What Clothing Should I Wear for My Trip?

You need to make sure that your clothes for ice climbing are functional and comfortable. It is best to dress in layers. Choose a base layer of polyester or, we prefer, wool. A mid-layer is recommended for trapping warm air, especially for those who get cold easily. A good mid-layer would include a down-fill vest or fleece jacket. Your outer layer should be a waterproof jacket with a helmet-compatible hood to prevent water or snow from dripping down your neck. Pants that are waterproof and that are easy to move around in are also recommended. For keeping your head warm, wear a thin beanie, or a buff. These can be worn under your helmet. Gloves are important as you need to be able to have good dexterity and grip for ice climbing. Choose a glove that is waterproof, and bring an extra pair if you have them. Climbing boots will do a good job at keeping your feet warm, as they are insulted. Thin wool or synthetic sock are a good choice.

What Kind of Crampons Do I Need?

We recommend using rigid, 12-point crampons with a toe bail. They tend to work better when it comes to front pointing that is required for vertical ice climbing. Red River will supply these if you do not have them.

What Happens if there is Inclement Weather the Day of My Trip?

We will assess the weather conditions before every trip. If the weather conditions are not ideal for us to climb, we will provide you with a refund. If the weather conditions change in the middle of the trip and we have to cancel at the halfway point, we will provide you with a 50 percent refund. If we have to end the trip early but after the halfway point, the full trip amount will be charged. We may have to alter the itinerary, venue, or schedule for safety purposes.

What Happens if I Have To Cancel My Trip?

If you have to cancel your trip more than 48 hours prior to the day of departure, you will receive a full refund. On the other hand, if you have to cancel your trip within 48 hours, you will not receive any refund at all, full or partial. We make sure that our policies are clear when you book your trip.

TripAdvisor 5 Stars

Why Choose RRA? Red River Adventure's online reviews have consistently been excellent. Since 2003 no other company has received such high praise from guests. Land or water our clients rave about the quality of our guides, the depth of their knowledge, their ability to teach and most importantly, how incredibly fun they are. Still wondering who to book with? We believe our past guest's comments make the decision easy!
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Your Safety is our number #1 concern

RRA has safely hosted 70,000+ kids and adults on our rafting, climbing, canyoneering and Ski trips. RRA guides are at a minimum state licensed, insured and hold first aid and CPR certifications. Many of our river guides hold additional certifications in swift water rescue and whitewater instruction. Many, though not all, of our rock, ski and canyoneering guides are AMGA certified for the terrain they guide.
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Quality Equipment

When running trips quality equipment is paramount. We are proud to be a 'Preferred Guide Partner" of Black Diamond. RRA replaces its equipment on a regular basis. This ensures all the gear required to keep you safe and having fun is in top-notch shape.
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RRA has earned the reputation of a professionally ran, top quality guide service. We are a tight knit family run business. Once you adventure with RRA we guarantee you'll be back for more.
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Do I need a reservation

YES! To guarantee space on the trip of your choice, we recommend reservations, especially mid-summer and on holidays and weekends. In order to provide the type of trip the we have become known for we do limit the number of people on our trips and we do fill up. Make a reservation as soon as you have a good idea of when you want to ski or climb with us and you'll avoid disappointment. Feel free to call us about reservations at any time @ 1-877-259-4046 or email.
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About Age Limitations

Age limits are set for each of our trips to be within industry standards and in accordance with our insurance carrier. In some cases the published age is a guideline and people younger may participate. For trips with youth rate pricing we use the following guidelines. Youth Rate = 15 years and younger!
Adults = 16 years and up!
Some trips are priced on a per person basis regardless of age.
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Which Trip to Choose

We are thrilled to have the ability to offer such a wide variety or trips. We also realize that this can create confusion. We are a fantastic resource and look forward to helping you choose the trip that is perfect for you and your group. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have, we love to help. Often after a brief conversation with one of our staff the the answers become clear.
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What to Bring

Red River Adventures tries to make your trip with us as easy as possible! We will clearly outline what we will provide and let you know what you need to bring. Generally all necessary group equipment for you to take part in our trips is included. Please NOTE! Skis, ski boots, poles, ice climbing boots and personal clothing are NOT included in the cost of trips. Rentals are available and RRA will assist you in reserving any gear you might need. We will provide trip specific lists to assist you in bringing the right things.
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What Risks Are Involved

Red River Adventures has an unblemished safety record. We personally screen and train our employees vigorously each year. Our climbing, skiing and canyoneering guides are highly trained and many, though not all, are AMGA trained or certified for the terrian they guide. Our trips take place in rugged, remote "wilderness" settings. You should be in good general health to participate.
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Charter and Group Rates

Red River Adventures offers a group rate discount of 10% to groups of 10 or more. Additional rates reductions are available for school, club, church, or special-interest groups on some trips. We are happy to, when ever possible, customized trip lengths and itineraries. Please contact us for help in arranging your charter trip or for group rate information.
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What To Pack

Red River Adventures will provide all the technical equipment required to guide our listed climbing options. However, climbers are strongly encouraged to bring their own climbing gear, if they have it, on our guided climbs. Instructors will inspect any personal equipment brought prior to use on our trips. In some instances, there may be a required gear list. This will be distributed prior to the course dates.

Ice Climbing

  • Down Coat/Synthetic puffy coat
  • jacket/pants(soft shell or gortex)
  • coat or other warm under layers
  • three pairs of gloves
  • hat that fits under a helmet
  • bottle/thermos for hot tea
  • sunscreen
  • warmers/Toe warmers


We are always available to answer any questions you may have. A complete packing list will be emailed prior to your trip.


Option #1 - Most of our Adventures can be booked by clicking the "Book Now" button for the trip you want.

Option #2 - For those trips that do not open a calendar Call 1-435-259-4046
or Email us through our Contact Page

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended! Many dates sell out far in advance!
A refundable payment is due to guarantee reservation.

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Full & Half Day Trips, Clinics and Courses

  • A deposit of 1/2 the trip total is due at time of reservation.
  • Balance is due and will be charged 7 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellation/changes made 7 days prior to departure are FREE!
  • Cancellation, partial or in full, within 7 days of departure receive NO REFUND.

Large Group (18 or more)

  • A deposit of 1/2 the trip total is due at time of reservation.
  • Balance is due and will be charged 14 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellation/changes made 14 days prior to departure are FREE!
  • Cancellation, partial or in full, within 14 days of departure receive NO REFUND.

Please Note: RRA recommends you insure your trip!

While we are happy to make changes and allow cancellations within our policy guidelines RRA STRONGLY recommends purchasing travel insurance, no matter the size or length of your trip, to insure against loss in the event of an unforeseen, last minute, change in circumstances.
If you are not protected by your airline, credit card or other third party we recommend Tin Leg

They will ensure your Red River trip, course, or your entire vacation for very reasonable costs.

Cancellations or changes, for any reason including Covid, inside our established cut-offs will not be refunded or rescheduled. Please consider protecting yourself by insuring your trip or course!

International trips

  • Deposit due at time of reservation; Final payment due 45 days prior!
  • Cancellation 45 days prior to departure is free!
  • Cancellations within 45 days of departure receive NO REFUND.


RRA reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather, insufficient bookings or any other circumstances beyond our control at anytime. RRA will make every effort to reschedule the date. Bookings that are unable to be rescheduled or are cancelled by RRA will receive a full refund.


Weather is part of the dynamic environment in which we operate. We may experience conditions that you do not consider ideal. If we determine that conditions are suitable for the activity you have booked and you instead wish to cancel/discontinue the trip, we will, whenever practical, end the trip at your request with no refund. If conditions are such that RRA deems it unwise to continue, we reserve the right to alter the itinerary, which may include, but may not be limited to, shortening of route or length of trip. We may also change venue or cancel the remainder of your trip. If, at time of cancellation, the trip is less than 1/2 complete, we will charge 50% of trip fee. If the trip is between 1/2 and completed, a full trip fee is charged.


Full and 1/2 Day Raft Trips: Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips. No refund will be given to those drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to a scheduled trip. Climbing/Canyoneering trips. Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips.