Crack Camp

Crack Camp Fall 2021

Mary Eden aka Tradprincess, Lindsey Hamm and Brittany Goris!

October 23-25 2021 $1499

We have stacked the deck for this clinic and it is going to be a special one! Mary has been living, guiding, and crushing cracks in and around Moab for nearly a decade. Lindsey is an accomplished all-around climber, AMGA certified Rock Guide, and athlete. Brittany recently sent 14a trad and, in so doing, joins a list of only 8 other women to ever climb that grade on gear! Join them on this 3-day clinic full of climbing, instruction, and fun!

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Moab, Utah. Surrounded by Canyonlands National Park and Indian Creek Moab is the epicenter of crack climbing in the USA. Crack Camp will be climbing at a variety of locations in the Moab/ Indian Creek area. You’ll find various parts of your body jammed in sandstone splitters during your time with us and you can be sure that you will leave with some of the best climbing memories of your life and a burning desire to return.


These clinics are best for climbers who climb 5.9 and above. They are meant to take your trad/crack climbing to a whole new level. The clinic is led by AMGA single pitch Instructor and Assistant Rock Guide, Mary Eden. We will be keeping a low student-instructor ratio and have a professional photographer along for the entire clinic.

Day 1 we will meet and head to our 2WD group campsite and then off to our climbing destination! Will will camp together as a group each evening and climb together each day.
During the clinics we will cover key concepts of crack climbing; fingers to fists, wide climbing technique, placing traditional climbing gear, tape gloves, leading, technical systems and much more.

After the clinic, our professional photographer will send you high-quality images that you can share on social media, with friends and family, or place on your mantle or desk.


We have the group site picked out, 2WD vehicles can comfortably access this location. We will arrange to carpool at Red River Adventures and take into consideration those who may not be heading back to Moab when the clinic concludes. If you choose to drive your own vehicle to the campsite make sure you have a full tank of gas.

Please note! We will NOT be providing food! Please have what you need to eat for the duration of the clinic ready to go on the morning of day one.

We will be providing a full kitchen for the group to use. Everything needed for the group to cook, eat and clean up with will be available.

There will be a cooler space for food and drink for those that are joining us from a distance. Alcoholic beverages are allowed at camp and Red River Adventures will be providing cooler space.

We will be bringing enough water for the group for each clinic.

Red River Adventures has tents, pads and sleeping bags for those that would prefer not to travel with these items. We will provide them at no cost.

Red River Adventures will provide all the rope, anchors and equipment needed to facilitate the clinic. You are however welcome to bring any gear that you have. This gives you an opportunity to use it while climbing with a guide, discuss the pros and cons of various pieces and explore what you might need in the future.

We will provide a personal list of items that you should bring to be comfortable for multiple days of climbing and camping in the desert.

Topics covered

Review: We will review and expand upon your knowledge of the following.

  • Knots
  • Communication
  • Leave No Trace

Key concepts

  • Crack climbing, fingers to fists
  • Wide climbing technique
  • Placing traditional climbing gear
  • Tape gloves
  • Anchoring/cleaning


  • Crack climbing
  • fingers to Off-width
  • Movement efficiency
  • transitions for crack climbs
  • Wide climbing technique
  • Thin crack technique
  • Roof crack technique
  • General training tips


  • What makes a good anchor
  • Traditional gear‚ Cams, nuts, hexes and tri-cams
  • Fixed Hardware, trees and natural features
  • Extensions‚ how and why
  • Traditional climbing
  • Racking
  • Cleaning
Rescue and Retreat

  • Lowering
  • Rappelling
  • Bailing safely


  • Clipping
  • Racking for success
  • Strategy and efficiency
  • Route finding


  • What is needed, what is not
  • Selection, proper use, storage and life expectancy


  • Use of guidebooks, climbing grades
  • Climbing myths
  • Hazard assessment

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When running trips quality equipment is paramount. RRA replaces its equipment on a regular basis. This ensures all the gear required to keep you safe and having fun is in top-notch shape.
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RRA has earned the reputation of a professionally ran, top quality guide service. We are a tight knit family run business. Once you adventure with RRA we guarantee you'll be back for more.
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Do I need a reservation

YES! To guarantee space on the trip of your choice, we recommend reservations, especially on holidays and summer weekends. In order to provide the type of trip the we have become known for we do limit the number of people on a launch and we do fill up. In addition a lot goes into the planning of a river trip, including scheduling of guides, drivers, packing lunch for full-day and lunch trips and ensuring that our equipment is always in top-notch condition. Make a reservation as soon as you have a good idea of when you want to raft with us and you'll avoid disappointment. Feel free to call us about reservations at any time @ 1-877-259-4046 or email.
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All participants on river trips are required to wear a Coast Guard approved floatation device (PFD). For Fisher Towers trips we use an age limit of 5 and kids must weight at least 40 Lbs. On Climbing and Canyoneering trips the limit is 8 years of age. Ask yourself, what kind of previous outdoor experience has the child had? Use your considered judgment on the child's preparedness. On the other end, folks well into their 70's have adventured with us.
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Which Trip to Choose

We are thrilled to have the ability to offer such a wide variety or trips. We also realize that this can create confusion. We are a fantastic resource and look forward to helping you choose the trip that is perfect for you and your group. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have, we love to help. Often after a brief conversation with one of our staff the the answers become clear.
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Where do we park/leave our things

There is plenty of secure parking on site at our offices. Valuables can be locked in your vehicles and will be perfectly safe for the duration of your trip. In addition we are more than happy to store anything that you may be extra concerned about in our offices while you are on the river.
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Are there bugs

Thankfully there are usually very few to no bugs on our trips. The we travel through some of the driest terrain on the planet so there is generally no standing water for bugs to breed in. At the same time the current in the main river section is too swift to allow for breeding. This being said sometimes there are gnats or mosquitoes.
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What to Bring

Red River Adventures tries to make your trip with us as easy as possible! What to bring is clearly outlined on the "what to pack" tab for each of our trips. We provide most, to all, necessary equipment for you to take part in our rock climbing, canyoneering and river trips. This includes all rock climbing and canyoneering equipment, boats and boating equipment, safety equipment, life jackets, guides, food, beverages, camping and kitchen equipment. In addition you are welcome to bring, or we can provide at NO ADDITIONAL COST, camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses. You simply bring your own personal clothing and gear. We will provide trip specific lists to assist you in bringing the right things.
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Where You Will Live and Sleep

A river trip is an outdoor experience and should be fun. There are no improved campgrounds along the river so we set up a portable sanitation facility each evening. It is very similar to an RV toilet except the view is much better and it doesn't flush. We provide hand washing stations and all dishes are done in a 4 step process ensuring complete sanitization. Previous camping experience is NOT required to participate in one of our trips, but you should be prepared and be comfortable with the idea of eating, sleeping, and living in the outdoors. Our guides are there to help and will provide as much or as little assistance as you wish to receive.
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What the Weather is Like

Be prepared for hot (75-110 F degrees) weather during June, July, and August. You can expect cooler temperatures (55-90 F degrees) during April, May, September, and October. August is usually the wettest month (short-lived but intense thunder showers).
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What You Will Eat

Most trips include all meals beginning with lunch on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day. No hot dogs and hamburgers here. Our menu includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled meats and fish and even hot dutch oven desserts. Guests often remark that the food was remarkable and exceeded even their wildest expectations. Check out our Menu page for more details.
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About Swimming and Fishing

Swimming is as much a part of a great river trip as whitewater and cooking out. Guests are more than welcome to swim on all our river trips. There is no better place to be on a hot summer day than swimming alongside one of our rafts. Catfish and Carp are plentiful in the Colorado and Dolores Rivers, the kids often enjoy fishing when at camp.
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What Risks Are Involved

Red River Adventures has an unblemished safety record. We personally screen and train our employees vigorously each year. Each of our guides receives extensive instructions on safety, swift water rescue and first aid training. Our Climbing and Canyoneering guides are highly trained and many are AMGA certified. Our trips take place in rugged, remote "wilderness" settings. You should be in good general health to participate. Non-swimmers can go and are more than welcome. We provide Coast Guard approved life jackets for your safety.
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We supply plenty of drinking water, lemonade, breakfast drinks, etc. on each trip.
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Alcohol Policy

Full and 1/2 Day Raft Trips: Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips. No refund will be given to those drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to a scheduled trip. Multi-Day Raft Trips: Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during time on the river. No refund will be given to those drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to river time. Alcohol may be consumed, in camp, on multi-day trips. Climbing/Canyoneering trips. Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips.
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Charter and Group Rates

Red River Adventures offers a group rate discount of 10% to groups of 10 or more. Additional rates reductions are available for school, club, church, or special-interest groups on some trips. We are happy to, when ever possible, customized trip lengths and itineraries. Please contact us for help in arranging your charter trip or for group rate information.
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What To Pack

Red River Adventures will provide all of the technical equipment required to guide this clinic. However, climbers are strongly encouraged to bring personal climbing gear. Instructors will inspect any personal equipment prior to use on our trips. A full gear list will be distributed prior to the clinic.

What is provided

  • All ropes, cams and anchors needed for the clinic
  • Group kitchen
  • Water
  • Group campsite
  • Helmets, harness and shoes (if needed)

What to pack – minimum

  • NOTE: Red River is NOT providing food! Clinic participants are required to bring their own food!
  • Climbing pack
  • Camping gear
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes/sandals
  • Clothing


  • Please NOTE!!!! There is a time change from AZ to UT. We are 1 hour ahead of AZ.
  • There is plenty of secure parking at Red River. Valuables are safe in your vehicle.
  • At the end of all trips, we will return you to your starting location.
  • Guide gratuities are customary.


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A refundable payment is due to guarantee reservation.

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  • A deposit of 1/2 the trip total is due at time of reservation.
  • Balance is due and will be charged 7 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellation/changes made 7 days prior to departure are FREE!
  • Cancellation, partial or in full, within 7 days of departure receive NO REFUND.

Large Group (18 or more)

  • A deposit of 1/2 the trip total is due at time of reservation.
  • Balance is due and will be charged 14 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellation/changes made 14 days prior to departure are FREE!
  • Cancellation, partial or in full, within 14 days of departure receive NO REFUND.
Please Note: NO REFUNDS for cancellations, partcial or in full, within 48 hours of departure.

International trips

  • Deposit due at time of reservation; Final payment due 45 days prior!
  • Cancellation 45 days prior to departure is free!
  • Cancellations within 45 days of departure receive NO REFUND.


RRA reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather, insufficient bookings or any other circumstances beyond our control at anytime. RRA will make every effort to reschedule the date. Bookings that are unable to be rescheduled or are cancelled by RRA will receive a full refund.


Weather is part of the dynamic environment in which we operate. We may experience conditions that you do not consider ideal. If we determine that conditions are suitable for the activity you have booked and you instead wish to cancel/discontinue the trip, we will, whenever practical, end the trip at your request with no refund. If conditions are such that RRA deems it unwise to continue, we reserve the right to alter the itinerary, which may include, but may not be limited to, shortening of route or length of trip. We may also change venue or cancel the remainder of your trip. If, at time of cancellation, the trip is less than 1/2 complete, we will charge 50% of trip fee. If the trip is between 1/2 and completed, a full trip fee is charged.


Full and 1/2 Day Raft Trips: Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips. No refund will be given to those drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to a scheduled trip. Multi-Day Raft Trips: Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during time on the river. No refund will be given to those drinking alcohol or using drugs prior to river time. Alcohol may be consumed, in camp, on multi-day trips. Climbing/Canyoneering trips. Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed before or during trips.