Advanced Rock - Lead Climbing
Advanced Rock – Lead Climbing

Advanced Rock – Leading

This is the option for those that would like to improve their single pitch, sport or trad, lead climbing skills. We will focus on strategies to take to fear out of leading or simply help you to climb better.

Topics covered

Review: We will review and expanded upon your knowledge of the following.

  • Knots
  • Communication
  • Movement

Belaying: We will discuss the importance of an effective and safe belay.

  • Catch, soft vs. hard
  • Short roping


  • Route finding
  • Falling, fall and no fall areas
  • Utilizing rests
  • Clipping/Placements

Rescue and retreat

  • Bailing safely
  • Cleaning


  • What is needed, what is not
  • Selection, proper use, storage and life expectancy


  • Use of guidebooks, topos, climbing grades
  • LNT
  • Climbing myths
  • Hazard assessment

Completing this course will give you all the skills to go on to our multi-pitch efficiency courses.

  • 1 Person $300 | 2 People $225 each| 3 or More $175 each

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