Moab River Rafting Cataract Canyon - How Not To Run Big Drop Three!!

I hope the video isn’t so annoyingly slow that it stops you from watching it.

For each of the last 4 summers there has been what has become a traditional end of the Moab Rafting season Cataract Canyon Trip. The Red River crew, friends and family come from far and wide to participate in more than a few days of behavior that is reserved for private river trips with close friends. As aways there are tons of pictures and more than a bit of video taken.

Here is a classic in the making.

Truly a wonderful clip of what happens when things don’t go right on the water. I love to see video like this. Too often the scene gets cut just as things get interesting. Watching scene after scene of guys making impossible whitewater lines, dropping huge waterfalls and popping up with smiles on their faces, stomping huge air and landing switch and skiing away gets boring.

Lets see some carnage. I want to know what Johny superstar does when sh$% hits the fan.

Well Red River Adventures guide, Landon is our Johny Superstar in this clip and just as I hoped things don’t go as planned and he get his head handed to him. I’ve got to give him credit he does a great job of staying cool and making the run look smooth.

“Chundered” is what we call what happens to Landon and if you look it up in the dictionary you’ll see this video.


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