5 Top-Rated Moab, Utah Tours

A man demonstrates the proper climbing technique to three men.

Welcome to Red River Adventures’ guide to the best Moab Utah tours available! Moab is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering breathtaking landscapes, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, Moab has something for everyone. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the top Moab tours that showcase the beauty and excitement the area has to offer. Get ready to discover the wonders of this majestic desert landscape!

What Type of Tour Are You Looking For?

  1. Rafting Tours
  2. Private Climbing Tours
  3. Beginner Canyoneering Tours (with 4 total rappels)
  4. Beginner Canyoneering Tours (with 2 total rappels)
  5. Intermediate Climbing Tours

1. Fisher Towers Rafting Tour

An orange boat floats down a scenic river canyon

Description: This is our favorite of all the Moab tours that are available. Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting adjacent to the stunning red rock formations of Fisher Towers and Castle Valley. This full, or half-day adventure takes you through Class II-III rapids on the Colorado River, offering excitement and scenic beauty in equal measure. Suitable for beginners and families, this tour provides an unforgettable introduction to river rafting in Moab.

What to Expect: A full or half day of fun! Guests will travel on Scenic Byway 128 to the launch site. You’ll then enjoy a guided rafting journey through the Professor Valley past the iconic Fisher Towers, navigating exciting rapids, swimming and marveling at the surrounding red rock scenery. The tour typically lasts approximately 4 hours, on the half-day, and 6 hours on the full-day and includes all necessary rafting equipment and safety instructions.

Who? Children and adults 5 years and older. Anyone that wants to experience the splashes and scenery that made Moab famous!

Tips and Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for water activities, including a swimsuit and footwear you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect against the desert sun. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the trip.

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a red raft navigates a river near Arches National Park

Fisher Towers Rafting Tours

Breathtaking scenery, fun rapids, Moab’s best guides, and tons of fun for all!

Class II: Mild rapids, family-friendly, you may get somewhat wet.

Minimum Ages/Weight: 5 years and 40 lbs

Price: Starting at $75

2. Private Full or Half Day Climbing Tour

A man demonstrates the proper climbing technique to three men.

Description: Climb the towering sandstone cliffs of Moab with a private climbing tour tailored to your skill level and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced climber seeking new challenges, our professional guides will lead you to some of the best climbing spots in the area. Choose between a half-day or full-day Moab guided tour and embark on an unforgettable journey of vertical exploration.

What to Expect: Participants will enjoy personalized instruction and guidance from our certified climbing guides as they ascend Moab’s iconic rock formations. From gentle slab climbs to challenging crack routes, there’s something for climbers of all abilities to enjoy. Equipment rental and safety gear are included in the tour package if needed.

Who? Children and adults 8 years and up. Anyone, beginner to expert, that wants to sample the incredible rock climbing that Moab has to offer.

Tips and Recommendations: Dress in comfortable clothing suitable for climbing. Layers are recommended! Closed-toe shoes for the approaches are essential. Bring plenty of water and snacks to fuel your adventure, and don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning views from the top.

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a man and child in climbing gear smile for a photo

Private Climbing Tours

Climbing tours spanning from beginner-friendly to the most challenging grades imaginable.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate | 5.5 – 5.13

Minimum Ages/Weight: 8

Price: Starting at $135

3. Bow and Arrow Canyon Canyoneering Tour

Five people in a canyon stand with helmets and climbing gear

Description: Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Moab’s backcountry with a canyoneering adventure through Bow and Arrow Canyon. This half-day excursion combines hiking, rappelling, and scrambling through a beautiful canyon and stunning red rock landscapes. Explore hidden alcoves, natural arches, petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks as you travel through this amazing area.

What to Expect: This hike has it all! Scenery, petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks and some adventure are packed into the 3 mile hike. Guests will complete 4 rappels along the way. This gives you an opportunity to learn a new skill and practice under the watchful eye of our professional guides. This tour is suitable for adventurous individuals with a moderate level of fitness and a sense of adventure.

Who? Children and adults 8 years and up. Anyone with a sense of adventure, the ability to walk 3 miles.

Tips and Recommendations: Wear shoes or sandals that you are sure will complete the hike. Bring plenty of water and snacks for the morning. Dress in layers to accommodate changing weather conditions, and don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of the canyon.

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A man canyoneers down a rock wall in a yellow backapck

Bow and Arrow Canyoneering Tours

Get off the beaten path with views of dinosaur tracks, petroglyphs, & the 80-foot Long Bow Arch.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Minimum Ages/Weight: 8

Price: Starting at: $135

4. Morning Glory aka Ephedra’s Grotto Canyoneering Tour

A person rapells through a large arch in Moab

Description: Discover one of the hidden treasures of Moab with a canyoneering adventure in Morning Glory Canyon, also known as Ephedra’s Grotto. This half-day tour takes you deep into the heart of the desert, where you’ll navigate narrow passages, scramble over boulders, and rappel into ancient chambers carved by water and time.

What to Expect: Participants will explore the stunning canyon that hides Morning Glory Arch with experienced guides leading the way. This tour combines hiking, scrambling, and rappelling to provide an exhilarating and immersive experience in Moab’s rugged wilderness.

Who? Children and adults 8 years and up. Anyone with a sense of adventure, the ability to walk 3 miles.

Tips and Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for hiking and scrambling, and bring shoes or sandals with good traction. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect against the desert sun. Bring a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Learn More: Find out more about our Morning Glory aka Ephedra’s Grotto canyoneering tours.

A person rappels down a large rock formation in Moab

Morning Glory aka Ephedra’s Grotto Canyoneering Tour

A 3-mile canyoneering trip featuring two of the Moab’s most epic rappels plus rock scrambling.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Minimum Ages/Weight: 8

Price: Starting at: $110

5. Castleton Tower Climbing Tour

Castleton Tower a rock structure in Moab utah

Description: Climb one of Moab’s most iconic towers with a guided climbing tour of Castleton Tower. Rising majestically from the desert floor, Castleton Tower offers world-class climbing routes and unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or multi-pitch curious, this full-day adventure promises excitement and challenge in equal measure.

What to Expect: Participants will approach and climb Castleton Tower under the expert guidance of our certified climbing guides. This tour includes additional instruction in climbing techniques and technical systems if requested. All climbing equipment, and safety gear is provided to ensure a memorable and rewarding experience for all.

Who? Children and adults 10 years and older who can climb 5.9 confidently and who have a bit of fitness for the approach.

Tips and Recommendations: Dress in layers to accommodate changing weather conditions that may be encountered, and wear comfortable clothing suitable for climbing. Closed-toe shoes with good traction are required for the approach. Bring plenty of water and snacks to stay energized throughout the day, and don’t forget your camera to capture the thrill of reaching the summit.

Learn More: Find out more about our Castleton Tower climbing tour.

Five rock climbers stand in front of Moab's Castleton Towers

Castleton Tower Climbing Tours

Castleton Tower draws climbers from across the globe and provides an unforgettable adventure!

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult | 5.9+ or 5.11+

Minimum Ages/Weight: 8

Price: Starting at: $275

There is an incredible variety of Moab tours available, something to satisfy every adventurer’s desires. From adrenaline-pumping activities to serene explorations of the desert landscape, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had in Moab. We hope this guide has inspired you to embark on your own adventure and explore the wonders of Moab with Red River Adventures. Book one, or multiple, Moab guided tours today and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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We strive to ensure that time spent with us is time that you will always look back on fondly. We want to leave you with a memories that bring a smile to your face no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, and no matter how much time has passed. In addition to a deep reservoir of personal experience, our rafting guides are licensed by the state of Utah, have Wilderness First Responder and/or First Aid/CPR certifications, and are insured. Many guides also have swiftwater rescue training. Our climbing and canyoneering guides are AMGA-certified for the terrain in which they operate. Our skiing guides are certified for the terrain, and some are world-renowned for their experience. All of our guides are intimately acquainted with not only the river, rock and snow, but also with the incredible surroundings of the areas we guide.

River Rafting Reviews and Red River Adventure Testimonials!

Ahmed Ali
May 28, 2024

Lots of fun, great rapids and experience. "Emily is best guide" - Aaron

Awesome! It was a highlight in our Moab trip. The water was warm, and my kid had a blast. The guides are nice and made this trip especially nice.

Matthew Toone
May 28, 2024

Awesome experience. My family and I had such a fun time. Our river guide was so nice and informative and made the trip so much fun.

Davis Bailey
May 28, 2024

The Spi course taught by Derek was awesome, great instruction and a lot was learned

Jeanine Tilson
May 27, 2024

Great guide. Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable with history on the river. Had a great ride. 👍😊

Brian Howald, JR
May 26, 2024

I had a wonderful time taking my family of 6 rafting. The guides love what they do and want to make sure everyone has a great time. We would definitely go back and do it again with them.

Erin Johnson
May 26, 2024

Our family had an unbelievable time on the half-day rafting trip, and our guide Kira was the best!!!

Linh Nguyen
May 26, 2024

It was very fun. We did the half day rafting trip, if we didnt have other activities planned we would have loved to do the all day trip. Overall,pretty relaxing most of the trip. We went through 4 rapids, nothing crazy but we did get a bit wet. Maggie, our guide was very informative, learned a lot about the area and the sights. And we felt very safe.

Jake Blair
May 26, 2024

Red Rivers crew knocked it out of the park! We had two girls under the age of 10 and ran into some inclement weather, our guide Liz made sure my girls felt comfortable and safe! Also the bus driver was amazing!

Nicole Beaty
May 24, 2024

Our family had the pleasure of canyoneering with Molly and Cage this past week on our family vacation. Half of us are afraid of heights, but with the expertise, professionalism, and kindness put forth by this team, not only did we successfully rappel down two (very deep) canyons, we had one of the most fun and memorable experiences of our lifetimes thus far. We can’t thank these two enough for allowing us to see Moab in such a magical way (one I felt brave enough to look down ;).

Nancy Cook
May 24, 2024

We had a very fun raft trip, with a knowledgeable guide! A small suggestion would be to have a system where the guide could communicate easily with the driver or others, as this was a small issue and could have been a large issue.

Sara Webb
May 23, 2024

Great morning adventure for the white water rafting. Guide was calm, knowledgeable and good fun, as well as the rest of the team. You feel like you are in safe hands.

Alcinda Lee
May 21, 2024

Still feeling lucky to have done Canyoneering with a cool group and with Kelcie our guide!

Jim Hamilton
May 21, 2024

Very considerate and knowledgeable guide service. Highly recommend. Kelcie was awesome.

We booked this tour at the last minute and are so glad we did. Kenzie was awesome - she made us feel safe and comfortable, plus was great to chat with on the hike back to the van. This was such a wonderful experience and I could not recommend it more!

Teri Staats
May 19, 2024

We had a terrific time floating the river with the guides of Red River Adventures. The team demonstrated and explained safety precautions and how to maneuver in the raft. They served a made on site chicken Caesar salad. Just when started to get hot there would rapids so we could cool off a bit. The staff was exceptional.

Tracy Murfin
May 18, 2024

Fun and exciting adventure down the river! June was our guide, she was funny, personable and informative about the area around us

Beth MacLeod
May 15, 2024

I booked a 1-day guided climbing tour with Red River Adventures and I had an amazing time! My guide, Jon, was super knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He asked about my goals for the day were and helped me choose areas and climbs that worked for me. The owner, Carl, was helpful in making it work for me even though I didn't have a car. I definitely recommend Red River Adventures for climbing in UT.

Bill Telepan
May 15, 2024

Fun bunch of guides. we did the half day and was a perfect way to start day. Sharbo (sp?) was great!

Rianna Mariman
May 14, 2024

Crack Camp with Red River Adventures was truly such an amazing, unforgettable experience! Mary and her fellow guides were all so knowledgeable, supportive, and kind, and I learned so much in three days! Definitely plan to stay in touch with all the awesome people I met!

Adora Diaz
May 13, 2024

CRACK CAMP with Mary, Sam and Ben. Fantastic time. Learned a lot. 10 out of 10

michael sweet
May 12, 2024

Really fun. Great experience. Kenzie was a great guide

Leif Ross
May 12, 2024

Red River Adventures really went above and beyond with our excursion. Between the thoroughness of explaining the trip and safety protocols, the healthy lunch provided and the tour guide (June) we had an exceptional time and will for sure recommend to anyone we meet that is heading to Moab. Thank you for since an enjoyable trip :)

First timers, outdoor, multi-pitch full day climbing experience- Brian, our SLC guide, was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and patient. His expertise allowed us to know exactly what he was doing while he guided us up routes that were appropriate for our skill level. The day few by and we enjoyed it so much that we plan on making a return guided trip with Brian.

Dean Frank
May 11, 2024

Great experience. Guides were very energetic and positive and made me feel safe!

Mountain Goat
May 9, 2024

Kenzie was our guide and was fabulous. She talked down someone starting to panic perfectly and they were smiling to do the next rappel. She made the trip very enjoyable talking with all 4 parties and balancing her time with everyone, which i found impressive. She was very knowledgeable and made everyone feel safe. It was a great canyoneering route with small and big challenges. A great day for everyone. Would definitely use this guide service again.

Anika Erickson
May 9, 2024

Brought a group of elementary kids for a canyoneering trip. The guides were amazing and sensitive to what each student needed. We felt safe and in good hands the whole time. Would recommend.

Danita Eberhardt
May 7, 2024

Was a great experience! Kelsey was an awesome guide! Would highly recommend!

Austin Gust
May 6, 2024

Best money I’ve ever spent! Couldn’t recommend crack camp enough. Mary, Sam and Britney were the best instructors I’ve ever had. The photographers were equally amazing as well. So much valuable knowledge passed down that I’m incredibly grateful for. I got everything I wanted and much more out of this crack camp. Will be returning for sure.

Serena Stephens
May 4, 2024

Did a raft trip and the bow and arrow canyoneering trip. The two guides were very safe and knowledgeable. We truly enjoyed both and would recommend the company to anyone.

Jeff Hemenway
May 3, 2024

Molly and Charbo are extremely nice and informative. We had a great time today. The rapids aren’t that challenging but the scenery is amazing!!

Elizabeth Sorenson
April 29, 2024

We did the the Bow and Arrow excursion with Red River. Our guide was awesome, lots of fun, and knew his stuff. It was a good little hike, not too intense, and had some fun repels. Would definitely recommend for others looking for some fun in Moab.

Ryan McLean
April 27, 2024

When booking our trip to Moab, we decided we wanted to do a couple of guided adventures. After researching local guiding companies, Red River was exactly what we were looking for. One day we went rock climbing with Brian at Looking Glass Arch. Brian was an awesome guide and made the experience very enjoyable for us! We just wish it was longer! The next day Charbo took us canyoneering to Morning Glory. The hike in, the rappels, and the hike out were great! Charbo was super knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable in the group. The whole process from booking the trips to showing up and being taken out was simple and efficient. I won’t hesitate to use them again the next time we are in Moab! Thanks again!

Hiatt Bean
April 18, 2024

Oscar Hackworth was our Colorado rafting guide. He was next level! A five star, even “ten stars!” kind of guide. From his witty humor to his breadth of knowledge on historical information, our trip on the river was fun and interesting. Only wish we had more time with him such as like on a two day rafting trip. Would recommend!

Aaron Baker
April 14, 2024

We did the Rock of Ages Canyoneering tour with 5 teenage boys and ABSOLUTELY loved it. Our tour guide, Brian, connected with the boys and walked them through each repel and helped them get comfortable. This was an epic adventure for our group. Thanks!

Marc Thomas Collier
March 30, 2024

Incredible experience splitboard touring for my wifes birthday. Very professional. Highly recommend.

Mark Popelka
March 5, 2024

John, an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide led a backcountry tour for me today. It was a full on mountain adventure with extreme weather. My kind of day in the mountains. John is the epitome of what a guide should be. He is extremely personable, patient, fit, and a master of his profession. A Guide full of experience and knowledge. I learned an incredible amount of information today on mountain travel and avalanche related topics. He took the time to explain and ensure I understood the topics. He also shared tips and techniques that made my experience a 10 out of 10. I plan to hire John in the future. You can’t go wrong asking for John. He’s amazing!

mark gregg
March 1, 2024

Carl is a consummate professional backcountry ski guide. I always learn a ton and have fun in the process. I'll be back!

Anna Rust
February 28, 2024

Honestly one of the best classes I’ve take, Jake and Vic are both through educators and great guides. If you’re looking to take a AIARE course these guys are great! I left feeling more prepared to deal with avalanche problems and identifying risks in the backcountry.

Steve Sherwood
February 12, 2024

I had a great time with John at Red River Adventures doing a ski tour yesterday. We skied around Cardiff Fork in the Wasatch, he’s a tremendous guide, such attention to detail, I’ve gone on nearly a dozen trips with him. He and Carl at Red River make a dynamic team. They do rock climbing, skiing, alpine climbing, river guiding, you name it they do it. Keep it up folks!

Susan Sims
February 10, 2024

Victoria was fun and was able to adapt for what suited our time for the day. Appreciated the rescue sled tips.

George Diver
February 2, 2024

Jake and Ben were professional, informative and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone who feels apprehensive about taking an avalanche safety course.

Mike Martula
February 1, 2024

Amazing experience with Sam on my first back country experience

Liam Doyle
January 29, 2024

Jake and Garth were both excellent instructors, and just a blast to hang out with for a weekend. It is super obvious they both care a ton about providing an impactful educational experience - but they also made the entire weekend very fun. Highly recommend.

Lukasz Sewera
January 25, 2024

Great experience during our rescue course.

Derek Wang
January 24, 2024

It was a blast. Brain was really skilled and thoughtful.

Candice Bithell
January 20, 2024

Spent a day ice climbing with Red River. Excellent instruction, fun guide (ask for Brian!), all in all a great time. Will go again for sure! Thanks Red River!

Lawler Kang
January 19, 2024

Out of random coincidence, Sam had led me up a trail last year and strongly suggested I take this course, which was AWESOME! The experience and passion she and Jake bring to getting humans back safely and stoked is unparalleled. And the resources they walk you through and make available are profound. Can’t recommend Red River and these two strongly enough. If you’re serious about backcountry, this is an absolute must. I also really liked the small class size. Made a big difference. Looking forward to practicing my beacon finding at the resort.

Jonas Clem
January 9, 2024

Great day with Jake at Provo Canyon. Very skilled guides that go above and beyond. Highly recommend….

Ryan Kelly
January 9, 2024

Alex was an awesome instructor. We had a great day going over all of the different avalanche rescue techniques.