4 Things You'll Get From An Avalanche Class

Avalanche Course in Utah

Do you like to ski, snowboard, or snowmobile? Are you interested in getting into the backcountry skiing? If you answered yes, it is in your best interest to take an avalanche class. Being injured, or worse, maybe avoidable with proper avalanche training.

At Red River Adventures in Utah, we offer several different types of Avalanche Training Classes in Utah for people ages 10 and up. 


The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) has developed a research-based avalanche curriculum since 1998. This program is recognized by the American Avalanche Association and is currently being taught by roughly 100 companies in the US and beyond. All of our instructors are AIARE providers and AMGA certified splitboard or ski guides with considerable experience in the field and the classroom.

Avalanche classes are offered between the months of December and March in Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons in the Wasatch Mountains. Whether you choose from the 1-day AIARE Avalanche Rescue, 3-day AIARE 1 Avalanche Education, or 3-day AIARE 2 Avalanche Education class, you’ll gain knowledge about decision making, avalanches and how to avoid them, our experts companion rescue and learn important decision-making skills to use when planning a tour and in the field.


Where is the best place to learn about avalanches? In the field. Our Utah avalanche classes are taught outside, in nature, under conditions that you will likely see. This helps to prepare you for situations that you will encounter once you begin backcountry skiing on your own. Our trained providers will guide you through a variety of exercises to provide you with experience and practice in how to respond to a variety of possible situations. Participants in our three-day course will learn rescue techniques including how to find and dig out a person buried in an avalanche as well as preparation for a backcountry trip. You’ll learn what to take and how to pack.

Safety Techniques

Our AIARE certified providers continue to hone their skills, skiing, and riding almost daily, learning the latest techniques and familiarizing themselves with new technology and protocols.


We are a tight-knit group here at Red River Adventures. Our family-owned operation has been around since 2003. We have grown from three rafts and a van to a large-scale operation honored in the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame and named a Traveler’s Choice destination in 2020 by Trip Advisor for consistently receiving positive reviews and being in the top 10%. We’ve achieved these accolades by making sure our clients feel like our friends.

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