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Ah the weather. Ask me if I thought that I have to be a weather forecaster when I started Red River Adventures and my answer would have been a resounding NO. That however is not the case. I am constantly asked about the weather. From the “what’s it like in (month you’re visiting Moab here) to will it rain tomorrow? As it turns out, the weather is a large part of what I talk about. I’ve got to admit that my weather geekiness goes quite deep and back in fact to my childhood. I grew up on the East Coast and surfed. Weather systems are what makes waves in the east, so early on when not in the water I could be found watching the Weather Chanel and listening to the NOAA radio for the latest updates. Now that I ski, climb, and raft weather plays a huge role in what I do and when.

So besides looking out the window, here are some of the places I look at to figure out what the weather in Moab is going to be like:

  1. The first and best place for Moab weather and your local forecast is the National Weather Service. Simply type in your zip code and you’ll get to everything you need from the “at a glance” forecast to radar to my personal favorite, satellite imagery. The 4k infrared loop gives you a great idea of what’s coming and how strong what’s coming is. I’ll often look at this and local radar to get a handle on rain and snow.
  2. After looking at what’s coming at me I will always read the forecast discussion. The discussion is the raw version of the forecast and it offers a great look into what the folks at the NWS are actually thinking. It’s the regional head forecaster’s best guess at what happens, when, and why. A forecast of the forecast type of thing. Timing of storms is often discussed as well as the forecaster’s opinion on whether what the weather models are showing is accurate in their opinion.
  3. Lastly, if something important is on the calendar starting a week and a half out I will check for the 10-day Moab weather forecast. Sometimes very accurate, and sometimes not so much, and this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

5-day Weather in Moab, Utah Forecast

7:32am6:32pm MDT
Feels like: 37°F
Wind: 2mph SSE
Humidity: 89%
Pressure: 30.28"Hg
UV index: 0

Seasonal Weather in Moab, Utah

If you are looking for a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors, then you should check out Moab, Utah. With plenty of opportunities to experience the outdoors, Moab also has four distinct seasons. While you certainly need to be prepared for the weather in Moab, this also means that you have plenty of opportunities to try a wide variety of activities. What is the weather like in Moab, Utah at different times of the year?

Winter Weather in Moab, Utah

The winter weather in Moab, Utah tends to be mild. Furthermore, this is also a down season for tourism. If you want to check out some unique scenery, the winter is a great time to go hiking, as temperatures are still relatively mild; however, it does snow occasionally.

In addition, the cold weather also provides a great time to go on ice climbing tours. If you have never gone ice climbing before, this is one of the top ways to experience the beauty that Moab has to offer.

Some stats on winter weather in Moab, Utah include:

  • December: Temperatures usually sit in the 30s and 40s with 70 percent humidity and 0.16 inches of precipitation.
  • January: Temperatures usually hover around the 30s and 40s with 73 percent humidity and 0.18 inches of precipitation.
  • February: Temperatures usually fluctuate between the 40s and 50s with 61 percent humidity and 0.16 inches of precipitation.

Spring Weather in Moab, Utah

As the temperature starts to warm up once again, spring is a great time to go rock climbing. With tons of unique rock formations and landscapes throughout Moab, this is a great opportunity to try out a guided rock climbing tour. You can even take a few rock climbing classes!

Some stats on spring weather in Moab include:

  • March: Temperatures usually sit in the 50s and 60s with 44 percent humidity and 0.14 inches of precipitation.
  • April: Temperatures usually fall in the 60s with 35 percent humidity and 0.2 inches of precipitation.
  • May: Temperatures usually fluctuate between the 70s and 80s with 31 percent humidity and 0.19 inches of rain.

Summer Weather in Moab, Utah

The summer weather certainly heats up in Moab! Therefore, this is a great time to jump into the water. Moab has exceptional opportunities when it comes to white water rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. With so many rivers to explore, it can be helpful to tackle the River is located in Moab with the help of a guide! Spending some time on the water is a great way to stay cool.

Some stats on summer weather in Moab, Utah include:

  • June: Temperatures usually sit in the 80 and 90s with 22 percent humidity and 0.07 inches of precipitation. 
  • January: Temperatures can get close to 100 degrees with 28 percent humidity and 0.22 inches of rain. 
  • February: Temperatures usually crest at 95 degrees with 34 percent humidity and 0.32 inches of precipitation. 

Fall Weather in Moab, Utah

With the fall weather in Moab, it starts to cool off again, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. For example, this is also a great time to go hiking. This is another awesome time to sign up for rock climbing tours. There may also be opportunities for mountain biking available.

Fall weather in Moab includes:

  • September: Temperatures in September hover in the 70s with 0.28 inches of rain and 37 percent humidity
  • October: Temperatures drop to the 60s in October with 0.27 inches of rain and 46 percent humidity
  • November: November cools off with temperatures in the 50s, 55 percent humidity, and 0.14 inches of precipitation

Plan Your Next Trip To Moab

Moab has something for everyone! If you are interested in taking advantage of everything that Moab has to offer, contact us or book your tour with Red River Adventures today!

Arches National Park
7:33am6:32pm MDT
Feels like: 39°F
Wind: 8mph SE
Humidity: 68%
Pressure: 30.3"Hg
UV index: 1
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