It's Over, Sort Of.

It’s over, summer that is. The rafts are rolled and life jackets put away. No more launches, sandwiches or water fights not until next year. Fall finds us with options. We’re spread from the desert, out across the country from coast to coast.

The riverpeople are road trippin in the east to climb classics that were put up before a single route was done in Indian creek. Connecticut, New Hampshire, Kentucky and New York have all been visited and explored, ground up. We’ve been to Key West and stood on the southernmost point in the US while standing up for our dearest friends on the day of their wedding.

We’re spending time in Oakland by way of Big Walls in Zion before it’s off to Costa Rica for some more R+R dead liver style. A Class V adventure in kayaking, nightlife and the boys can only hope, ladies.

We’re on the Green River in Ladore Canyon rafting. Why? Because spending at least part of almost every day since April rafting a river around Moab wasn’t quite enough so before the snow gets too good some felt the need to squeeze a few more river days in.

We’re in Moab climbing routes and exploring towers that we see every day yet never seem to get done during the rush and heat of the summer.

We’re writing this from SLC where fall as is good as it gets. Skiing in the Wasatch is on. First tracks have been made and yet the the Aspens are still in their fall colors. Skiing in the AM, rock climbing by afternoon, both within 1/2 mile of each other. Pack the skis and the rack because you need them both.

Summer’s over for sure so until next years moab rafting season starts we’ll pursue our options and distract ourselves as best we can.

The River People
The River People
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