Utah Rafting Guides Storm Costa Rica!!!!

Billy dropping the 3rd falls on the Class V Poza Azul, Costa Rica.

I love/hate email. Today fell firmly in the love category. It was a bit like Christmas I got a TR from the boys of Red River and this photo. Good to see that everyone is stepping it up a bit. Billy’s kayaking has certainly come a long way in a few short months.

Trips highlights so far included running the Class IV, Rio Torro and the Class III, Rio Balsa, working on speaking the language, hangin with the local river people and rest days at the beach.

Knowing what I know about that crew the nights have been Class V as well.

After running rivers like these the local Moab rivers are going to be tame by comparison. Probably alright though, no need to worry about guests dropping 35’ers.

The River People
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